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Stupid, worthless, no good. Retarded, big mouth, know-it-all...... Bulls fans
You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful. - John Bender, "The Breakfast Club".

Yes, I'm a huge fan of "The Breakfast Club". I'm assuming that many of my readers are as well - it was set in Chicago, after all. While there are thousands and thousands of Bulls fans who don't live in Chicagoland, there are lots and lots of Breakfast Club fans all over the world, and odds are that some of them are also Bulls fans.

Bullsville is the home of the intelligent Chicago Bulls fan - it started out as a catch-phrase, but it has become reality. I am truly humbled when I read the comments to my articles, because they are so... intelligent. Seriously, I am honored to reply to the comments I read, because they often challenge me and make me do more research on the subjects I write about.

Where am I headed with all this? To the other end of the spectrum. I'm sure my readers also read other Bulls blogs/websites/message boards. I know I do. And like my loyal readers, it bothers the hell out of me to read stuff written by complete idiots. By Bulls fans who are "stupid, worthless, no good, retarded, big mouth, know-it-alls" who do nothing but spread lies about the team I love all over the internet.

They type stuff that other innocent, unknowing Bulls fans might believe, not because they are stupid, but because they don't know any better. Guys (and some girls, of course) who are just becoming serious Bulls fans read their ignorance and believe it, because nobody is there to give them the facts. The truth. The real story.

I'm sure some of my readers are also readers and/or posters at the busiest Bulls site on the internet, the Bulls message boards. A Bulls fan who is looking to discuss the team online would likely Google "Chicago Bulls discussion" or "Chicago Bulls message board" or "Chicago Bulls forum" - and the top search result would be the same.

Today's winner of the "Stupid, Retarded, Big Mouth, Know-It-All Bulls fan" award is a RealGM member who goes by the handle HomoSapien. This is what he had to say about the Bulls today:
I've been extremely vocal over the years about the Bulls inability to make trades. They are downright terrible at them. I know some of you are dying to point out the McDermott trade, or the Eddy Curry trade that happened nearly a decade ago now, but let's be more nuanced than that. The Bulls aren't able to trade for established talents. 
They're great at making trades for picks or ones that help them out financially, but they're probably worst in the league at actually acquiring established talent.
Well we haven't made any trades for established talent, so by default we are last. It's not very hard to argue.

And to be clear, I'm not talking about trades for super stars. Just guys who can immediately help you.
Apparently, this HomoSapien person wasn't paying attention to these trades that the Bulls have made since John Paxson became GM:
December 1, 2003: Traded Jalen Rose and others for Antonio Davis and others.
August 5, 2004: Traded Jamal Crawford and others for Othella Harrington and others.
February 18, 2009: Traded Andres Nocioni and others for Brad Miller and John Salmons.
Antonio Davis, Brad Miller, John Salmons and to a lesser extent Othella Harrington all "immediately helped" the Bulls

Davis was a starter, and Harrington a key reserve, on the 2004-05 Bulls team that won 47 games and earned the Bulls' first playoff berth since the breakup of the dynasty team.

Miller and Salmons were added to a 25-30 team and were crucial to the team going 16-11 down the stretch, helping to lead them to a playoff berth and the epic 7-game, 7 overtime first round series against the Celtics.

Every fan of every team is more than welcome to express their opinion. However, someone who is a Forum Moderator on the busiest Chicago Bulls message board in the world should have enough brains to get simple FACTS correct. 

So congratulations, HomoSapien, on being named the 1st ever winner of the Bullsville "Stupid, Retarded, Big Mouth, Know-It-All Bulls fan" award. 

You most certainly earned it with that stunning display of ignorance.

EDIT, Saturday, July 5th, 12:05 AM CT:

I had to edit this article after what I just read.

A RealGM poster named DaeDae was obviously quite jealous that HomoSapien was the 1st ever winner of the Bullsville "Stupid, Retarded, Big Mouth, Know-It-All Bulls fan" award, because he had to jump in and show how incredibly stupid he is just a few hours after I published this article.

Just to prove I am not making anything up, here's the link to DaeDae's genius comment in the same thread that HomoSapien created in search of his "idiot" award - DaeDae's jealous streak gives us intelligent Bulls fans an incredible laugh
We traded for a draft pick and got lucky when joakim Noah a) didn't come out the year before, and b) fell to us in the draft. Had the kings taken him instead of Spencer hawes
Just in case you don't feel like looking it up, the 2007 NBA draft went like this:
CHI - 9th pick - Joakim Noah
SAC - 10th pick- Spencer Hawes

I have to admit, I had never heard of that rule until tonight. Thanks DaeDae for letting me know about a rule whose existence I had no clue of. 

See, that's why I still read RealGM, for knowledge like that!! 

So I'm forced to edit my previous award, and congratulate HomoSapien and DaeDae for being co-winners of the 1st Bullsville "Stupid, Retarded, Big Mouth, Know-It-All Bulls fan" award!!

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